Mrs, Mum & Member of staff: How I get through the week!

What day is it today?

I ask myself this question about twice a week, usually around 6 in the morning just after my alarm scares me out of sleep.

Its Sunday today and I’m running through a mental list of things I need to get done for this week  Although not clinically diagnosed, I’m a certified scatterbrain. I’m the person who looks for my phone while it’s in my hand  But since having Baby Bee and returning to work, I’ve had to get myself together and I’ve figured out a few things that help my week go a little smoother. I’m sure everyone uses these principles in one way or another and there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of posts out there on this topic, but each one has its own twist and this is my take on it as a Mrs, Mum & Member of staff:

HowIGetThrougTheWeek (1)

Prep Prep Prep

Good old prep. Do as much of it as you can. Anything you can. Anytime you can!

Outfits for the week for yourself and your little one(s):

5 work outfits for you. 5 nursery/school outfits for the kids. All ironed, all hung up and ready to go. The prep may have you wearing a jumper in the heat…. but at least the jumper is ironed! Nothing wastes more time in the morning than looking for something to wear.

Meal Prep, know exactly what everyone is having…. way before they even know they’re hungry

You open the cupboard and a dusty tin of beans is staring back at you. Is that life? If you plan meals for the week, then you can plan the weekly food shop too. It just means you have everything you need to feed the family.

Pack those bags

Milk, check, spare jumper, check,  spare socks, check, spare socks in case we mess up the spare socks, check. Put it all in a bag the night before. You’re less likely to forget something and if you’re running late you can just grab’n’go. With your stuff, put keys in coat pockets & purse in your bag, I’ve been known to pack my watch and spare pair of earrings for myself because in the morning rush who knows what I’ll forget!

Be like CNN, report things as they happen

…. Or as soon as you possibly can. If your little human has had a major poonami you’re going to get into the office 30 minutes late, report it as soon as possible. Send a text, email, paper aeroplane, just let them know. Chances are a poop explosion email at 7.50 although not welcomed, is going to be much more appreciated than an I’m going to be late email after you are supposed to have arrived. Just my thoughts. Alternatively, if you’re supposed to be meeting friends and something has popped up, and you can’t make it, let them know ASAP (I’m the worst at this & still learning).

Add 15 minutes to everything

…… the ‘15’ here is interchangeable depending on your childs/childrens age and level of general cooperation.  Those days of planning everything to the second are long gone. Who knows what curveball may be thrown in your direction today. With kids, there are so many.

  • The Poop explosions curveball
  • The ‘I don’t want porridge/cerelac/toast/anything for breakfast this morning’ curveball
  • The ‘Im going to remove every item of clothing you put on me as soon as you turn your back’ curveball
  • The ‘Let’s see if mummy knows where I hid her keys’ curveball
  • {insert your fave curveball here}

Basically one lots of things can slooooooooow your morning down. Always try and give yourself extra time. If all goes well, you may be able to make a cup of tea, and drink it hot (gasp!). If not, at least you’re not a sweat-fest rushing to your 9 o’clock meeting.

Accept Fate

Despite all this, sometimes, the things above are completely impossible. There is no ‘spare’ time to prepare bags, iron clothes and chop parsnips. And you know what, that is completely fine: COMPLETELY FINE. If everyone is clean, fed and dry, then life can go on!

What tips do you have for getting through the week? Do the mornings get easier? Do you have any curveball dodging techniques? Share them in the comments. Help a girl out!

P.s. Biggest shout out to Mr Bee who ironed all our stuff for the week. We love and appreciate all you do x


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