Hello…. Take #2

Welcome to my first post, again!

So I lost my first post. I’ve got the WP app on two devices and I managed to delete a draft, that wasn’t actually a draft, but the published post…. Or something around those lines. But basically I can’t find it.

So this is my introduction all over again.

My first intro was written around 22.59. it’s currently 23.03, can you see a trend?

Growing up I was the little girl that kept a diary. Every emotion was documented on paper in as much detail as possible and then locked away. I would write notes to my friends about teachers I disliked. I wrote when I was happy and wrote when I was sad. I stopped writing when I found out that my diary was actually not as private as i thought (my mum read it a few times). But I’m grown now… So I’m back doing what I enjoy.

Writing has always been an avenue for me to express my greatest fears and my inner most joys, This blog is going to be my public diary. I’ll share my thoughts and experiences, my likes and dislikes . I’ll be real.

I’m mummy to a very cute, active one year old boy who we’ll call Baby Bee and wife to the funniest man I know (in my opinion), Mr Bee. Because of where I am in life, this blog will have some lots of baby related posts, some about food, some relationship, mainly a splurge of what’s going on in my head.

Stick with me, I have alot to share.


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