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Monthly mission: May ’17 

So, it’s 00.09, meaning we are 5 days into May and I haven’t set my usual monthly goals.

Quick side note: There is definitely a trend building up, I seem to write very late at night. This post here proves it. 

Anyway, back to the goals. This month is different because I’m sharing my goals with the internet. I’m not sure whether this is a good or bad thing, but it should may make me more accountable.

Every month, I like to set myself between 3-5 goals. It normally helps keep me grounded and makes achieving larger goals easier. I’m a little late, but this month is going to be no different.

Here they are:

#1   Fitness: Complete eight 3 mile runs

The weather is getting better & it’s not pitch black in the evenings anymore. There 25 days left of May, and realistically I can’t run every day or even every other day, but covering eight 3 mike runs over the rest of the month should be doable. Right?

#2   Health: No…. ???

Shall we try a month of no carbs chocolate? I’m a big snacker, so although this may be a breeze for some, it’ll take some will power for ne.

#3   Lifestyle: Nighties

In this post about my very ugly nightwear, you’ll find that I’m on my way to pretty sleepwear recovery. This month, I’ll rid myself of all the hideous bed garments and replace them with the things I used to like and know that I’ll feel sexy and comfortable in. There’ll be no bank breaking. Just some cheap and cheerful alternative​s.

#4   Family & Friends: Actively contact them

I’m that family member that ghost’s away without even knowing. I don’t do it on purpose, it’s almost a case of “if I think about you, then somehow you should know that I’m thinking about you”. This is impossible and I NEED to make more of an effort to call or message my loved ones.

#5   Random: Book our holiday. 

Pretty self explanatory to be honest. We want to go on holiday. I need to take time to research and book somewhere. This read by A Mum Track Mind should help. Check out her site, its very cool


That sums it up for my goals. Fingers crossed I can keep to it all. I hopefully haven’t set anything unrealistic. May 31st is D day.

What do you want to achieve this May? Weight loss? weight gain? A qualification? Reduced tech use? Better skin?  A sleep trained child? Let me know in the comments below, if you share one of my goals, lets get talking, be my accountability partner.



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