Things Change: Cancelling my gym membership

Things change. With age, lifestyle, marital status and parenthood.

The amount of ‘disposable’ time I have has changed, so I’m going to cancel my gym membership.

This in itself is pretty sad, because when I leave the gym I feel like Beyoncé. Not the one that is currently heavily pregnant with twins, but the one that looks absolutely amazing in anything she wears and correctly has the audacity to strut around like a superstar. Getting rid of the opportunity to have this feeling is not one I have taken lightly, but is a sacrifice I have to make (for now).


Pre-pregnancy, I was in a happy place with my body. I was at the gym or out jogging a few times a week and I loved it. According to the oh so trusted BMI scale, I was probably overweight, but I loved (and still love) my shape. I don’t mind having a little extra in certain areas *wink*. And in all honesty, I feel like I look a little odd at anything less than 12st.

Someone please remind me that I said this if I ever miraculously weigh in at less than 12st.

I digress.

After having Baby Bee, I pretty much halted on the exercise front, partially because I had a C Section, but also because I was tired all the time and my weight wasn’t really a problem. I breastfed for 10 months and the additional baby weight literally melted off. I joined the gym at six months postpartum and for me, it was a nice thing to do for some me time. A few evenings a week to sweat a little, do some classes and most importantly get out of the house. At the time, this wasn’t hard. Mr Bees role allowed him to work from home, so I was able to swan off at 6pm for an hour and a half with no problems.

Oh how things have changed.

I’m now back at work. I leave work at 5pm and move through people traffic at an inhumane pace to get to the station so I can pick up my little human and head home. Mr Bees new role requires him to be in the office every day and till pretty late, so I do bath and dinner for Baby Bee. Mr Bee, gets home just after baby’s dinner and is understandably very tired. At this point we do dinner, get into chill mode for the evening and prep for the day ahead.

Read: Mrs, Mum & Member of staff: How I get through the week! to see how I just about get through the week.

With all of this, I have no ’spare’ time. I have no time to drive 10-minute s to the gym, workout for an hour and drive 10 minutes back. None whatsoever. People always say you can make time, but I genuinely don’t have the time. I’m always running around like a headless chicken. And even when I’m not, I’m at home with Baby Bee…. And I can’t take him to the gym with me. I can picture it as I type. Baby Bee in a sling while try to manoeuvre on the cross trainer. I think not!

There are so many places throughout the day where I could fit in a workout.

Early morning: Really? I have so much respect for people who wake up 2 hours earlier than they need to, to get to the gym. I wake up early enough as it is. And mummy’s will know that teething is a not very nice word hard. It can have you up every hour on the hour for the whole night.

Lunchtime: I have an hour lunch. In this time, I don’t see how I can get dressed to workout, workout, shower and get myself in decent enough shape to sit in a meeting at the office. Skipping the shower would allow for more time to workout, but I would never subject my colleagues or myself to that. Ever!

After work: There so much to cram in after work, and I genuinely enjoy the 1-2 hours that we have together as a family in the evenings. It’s just enough time for me to rant about my day and listen to Mr Bee talk about his. We (operative word being ‘we’) can both play with Baby Bee and create memories. I cherish this time sooo much.

After everyone’s gone to bed: Contrary to popular belief,  Mums need sleep too.

So I’m cancelling the membership. It’ just over £25 that I’m spending on nothing! I’ve not been there since I returned to work in March. March – May equals £75. Oh the many amazing things I could buy with £75.

This makes it sound like I’m not going to do any exercise. Au contraire. I am definitely going to continue exercising. I NEED to continue exercising. I like food too much to not actively burn calories. I’m going to utilise the marshes close to home for running. It’s got lovely clear paths and a gorgeous view of the sometimes not so gorgeous Thames. It’s something that I can do with Baby Bee in a buggy, and doesn’t require additional travel time. I also plan on taking full advantage of YouTube. Apparently, YouTube is for more than make up tutorials and music videos. Who knew? Again, I’m sure Baby Bee would love to see my doing star jumps and burpees in our living room. I won’t have the motivation of someone running at Usain Bolt pace next to me on the treadmill, but at least I’ll be getting a little sweaty everyday whenever I can find the time to.

I’ve always loved going to the gym and having access to equipment and classes. But right now, it’s just not going to work. Maybe in the future things will change again and I can commit to having a paid membership that I actually use.

Many things are changing in my life at the moment.  Things change: My choice of nightwear.

What has lack of time done to your lifestyle? Are you paying for a membership that you’re not using?



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