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Top 5 things that frustrate me on my journey home

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Warning: This is a rant and a List – Multitasking at its finest I’d say

We Londoners are known to always be in a rush.  Even if we have nowhere to go, we seem to be going there at 100 miles per hour.

Want to know who rushes more than the average Londoner? A London mum who needs to pick up their child after work. I, Lolly Bee, fall very nicely into that category.

It’s genuinely a case of Ready. Set. Go

Ready: At 4.45, I leave my desk to go to the loo.

Set: At 4.55, I close down all the open windows in my laptop, lock the screen. Check that my keys and oyster are in my pocket

Go: At 4.49 & 59 seconds, I hurriedly shove my laptop in my bag and make a hasty dash for the stairs.

But everyday, I feel an unnerving amount of rage. All I want to do is go and pick up my son and I feel like the whole world is against me and my very simple goal.

Journey home

1. Colleagues that attempt to ask me a question at 4.55

Believe it or not, my annoyance can start before I’ve even left the office. I finish work in 5 minutes and you want to ask me a question now? Where have you been since 9 this morning.

2. Charity Workers

I thinks its important to give to charity and I respect the work that charity workers do. But, they have the audacity to ask for 2 minutes of your time when you look like your about to start sprinting to the finish line in an Olympic style race. Why are you stopping me, making me feel guilty for not giving you time when there are others walking at a leisurely pace.

3. People that insist in walking in pairs

Most pavements in London, for one reason or another are about two people deep. If you insist on walking in pairs strewed out across the whole pavement, how do you expect people to pass you? Its selfish, its rude and its annoying. If you get barged, please know that you deserved it.

4. People that stand on the left side of the escalator

There are signs all the way up the escalator that say “Keep to the right”. These are not there for the fun of spending money on signs. Sometimes, people want to use the left hand side to walk up the escalator!

5. Commuters with faulty oyster cards

We finally get to the barriers and you are standing there attempting to use a method of travel that has refused you entry three times already. There are 10 people behind you trying to catch the train that has just pulled into the station. Please move aside after the 2nd failed attempt. Missing this train is not an option.

Oh.My.Gosh, This post makes me sound angry and bitter. I’m really not. I still smile at charity workers saying ‘Sorry, I’m in a rush’ and say ‘Excuse me’ when I’m blocked on the road or escalators. I just really needed to get the rage out of my system.

How is your commute after work? Do you drive or take public transport. Do any of these resonate with you or do you have something that tops this? Let me know in the comments section below.


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