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Hospital bag: 5 things no-one tells you to pack

The internet is awash with lists of things that you must have in your hospital bag. The list is endless and then at the end, it always says – pack light.


Despite reading multiple times to travel light, I had 2 cabin sized cases, one for me and one for baby. Lucky I did, I was in hospital for 2 days after my C Section. Despite having pretty much everything I needed on hand, there were a few things that I wish I had packed from home.

Here are 5 things that no-one tells you about – or at least no-one told me about:


1. Your own hand sanitiser

The hospital provides this at various points, but it’s more than likely not buy your bedside.

With a new-born baby, you want to keep germs at bay and by having your own sanitiser near you, you can ask people to use it without sending them back to the front door.

2. Carrier bags

Labour is messy. If your lucky, it’s a few hours of sweating profusely, vomiting and the constant release of bodily fluids from every possible body exit. If your unlucky, it’s exactly the same, just for longer… much longer. You want to rid yourself of clothing that has stuff on it. Having carrier bags means you can do just that without contaminating other clean clothes.

3. Wet toilet wipes

Whether you have a vaginal birth or a c section, chances are your lady bits or back passage may need a little more love. It could be because a baby left your body or you’re suffering from constipation. Wet wipes over hospital toilet paper any day

4. Even more food

You have packed some food and snacks. Now go and pack some more. Hospital food at its best is not amazing and usually portioned to feed a small child. It is served thrice daily, but you have just had a baby and may be asleep when food comes around. More importantly you may be awake when everyone else is asleep. You will need something to eat. Food also keeps partners happy.

5. A blanket for mum 

Most lists will tell you to take a pillow and additional blanket for partner, I haven’t seen many that mentions an additional blanket for mum. Although it’s all provided, its nice to have your own. Hospitals are big airy places and room temperatures can differ . Apart from creating the home-away-from-home feel, you’ll be able to snuggle and sleep a bit warmer.

Hopefully this will help someone have a comfortable stay while they are at hospital. With the next little one, I’ll definitely be adding these to my list.

Is there anything you wished you had when you went in to have your baby? Let me know in the comments section.


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