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Monthly Missions: June ’17

People with Goals succeed because they know where they are going

Happy June all! Hope May was good to you.

We are already month 6 of 2017. I’m not really sure how to write this post, to stop it from being unnecessarily long. I want to tell you about the month I had as well as the plans I have for June.

But as this is titled Monthly missions for June, we’ll stick to that. If you want to see what I had planned for May check out: Month Missions – May ’17. I’ll also in the next few days share what happened in May.

Every month, I like to set myself between 3-5 goals. It normally helps keep me grounded and makes achieving larger goals easier. Here are my goals for June ’17

#1   Fitness: Complete two 5 day workout challenges. 

Fitness Blender do an amazing 5 day workout challenge. If I can, I’ll try to do it twice over. Apart from the challenges, I’ll also try for at least one outdoor run a week – a saturday or sunday morning i think.

#2   Health: No……?

This month I’ll do no dairy. Sounds odd as something to give up right? I have mild PCOS and there are some studies that say that a low dairy diet can aid with symptoms and fertility. Yes I said Fertility. I think I might want another baby soon and want to prep my body for the fact. But that’s another post in itself.

#3   Lifestyle: Get Out

Nope, not the film. Being a mummy makes it so hard to get out. This month, I’ll take up as many realistic opportunities to be out of the house. With or without my Bees. The days are longer and the weather is better – so where possible, I want to be spending quality time with family, friends, colleagues and nature. If this is a success, My Instagram should be full of pictures to share with you.

#4   Family & Friends: Sisters Day 

My sisters and I are madly in love with each other but are all very busy. We haven’t all live din the same house for at least 10 years. A combination of going off to uni and growing up in general. Now that we are all back in London (and the surrounding), we want to start dedicating more time to each other. We are going to plan a whole day together doing something cheap and cheerful!


I also normally have a random goal – but I can’t think of one this month, so, the four above sums it up for my goals for June 2017



What do you want to achieve this June? Weight loss? weight gain? A qualification? Reduced tech use? Better skin?  A sleep trained child? Let me know in the comments below, if you share one of my goals, lets get talking, be my accountability partner.


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