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Our First Nursery Birthday Invite

Yesterday I left work, as you do and headed to pick up my son via the same stressful journey over London Bridge. I’ve talked about the journey home here.

When I finally got to the nursery, Baby Bee stumbled over blocks (and other children) to get to me as I waited for him just by the door. As I picked him up I was handed three things by the nursery teacher:

  1. The invoice for August – yay, lucky me
  2. Some cake from another childs birthday that day
  3. A birthday invite.

A birthday invite! An actual invite with Baby Bees name on it, addressed to him. He was personally invited.

So, don’t get it twisted, we don’t live under a rock. We have been to many birthday parties in the last 16 months. 100% of which have been our friends celebrating the birthdays of their children.

But somehow this feels different. This is the first invite from what would be his friend.

On opening the invite, it dawned on my that my little boy, although still little, is growing up. Soon enough he’ll have best friends and request play-dates. I have friends with kids a little older than Baby Bee, who seem to spend Saturdays and Sundays at the birthday celebrations of the children their kids go to school with.

This post, is just me appreciating the fact that I’m part of that club.

It’s important to find happiness in the little things.

Now I have to figure out what to get the little cutie. Any ideas for a 1-year-old girl? Share below. Also, let me know the random little things that make you appreciate life.



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