Life Lists

Week 29: List your childhood & current dream jobs

Can I just say I found this beautiful image here. The photographer shares images from a trip to Kenya & Tanzania

Anyhoo, another week, another list.

I’ve missed a fair few of these – but have been making physical notes in my notebook. Just because its a lot quicker and its nice to pick up a pen and write for leisure

Week 29 is Monday 17th July – Sunday 23rd July 2017

This week is all about dream jobs: childhood and current

Childhood: A Hairdresser

This is my earliest memory. I can’t say I know why I wanted to be a hair dresser. I’m one of three girls and maybe just watching our mum do our hair brought me so much joy. Also, being the oldest, I used to help my mum get all the hair utensils out on Hair day.

Childhood: A Doctor 

Like with many Nigerian kids, I got to a point where I was being ‘groomed’ to be a Doctor, Lawyer, or Engineer. I choose Doctor – and actually, it was something that I looked forward to becoming one day. I wanted to be a pediatrician and help make all the sick children well. Unfortunately i absolutely despise Chemistry and that dream was gone with the wind.

Childhood: Some sort io IT person 

This was the last of my childhood dreams before reality hit. It was my early teens and i was a bit of a computer wiz, which in the late 90’s early 00’s was pretty cool. Computers were popular (not as popular as they are now) and being on was even more fun. I remember sharing this dream with my mum, who had come from the age of typewriters and was convinced that Technology had reached its peak. How wrong! I dint want a dead-end job and so again that dream was gone

I’ve been thinking about what my current dream job would be, and to be honest, I don’t know if I have a dream job per se. There are so many thing that i absolutely enjoy doing. I love my current role as an analyst. I love writing. I love being a um. But I love my life as it is, where i an able to be all three.

If I absolutely had to pick something, I’d say Party Planner. I think I’d be an amazing party planner and I find so much joy in seeing my ideas come to fruition.

Maybe this weeks list is telling me o pursue my dream.

Maybe I need to find a way of making party planning part  of my life.

Watch this space



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