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Payday Wish List – Sept ’17

Again, its been a while – but I’m back and feeling very creative again.

My inspiration to write comes from reading: reading books, articles, blogs and anything I can get my hands on. Recently I haven’t really had much time to read for leisure, but i did read something a few weeks ago and it was a Payday wish list.

This is my wish list – short, sweet and actually attainable!

Fenty Beauty Foundation


Can we please give Riri a round of applause for pulling off 40 shades of foundation at launch. I want to try this. I don’t need new foundation – but if i can support such an inclusive brand with my coins – then Rihanna can take them all – plus some!


A card holder

card holder

Since returning to work in March after maternity leave, I stopped buying a monthly travel card and just us my bank card to tap in and out of the stations I use. Because I’m using my card, I usually put it in my pocket so it’s easily accessible. Because f this, my recently issued bank card looks a bit old and battered.

Tan chelsea boots

Tan Boots

I get a pair of these every year as the summer ends and autumn rolls around – and by the next February they are in a despicable state because I’ve worn them every day since I bought them. I love tan chelsea boots. They go with everything, jeans dresses, tights. They are my autumn/winter staple and I am in need of a pair for 2017/18


Whats more amazing than writing lists, and lists of things that I want but probably can’t afford is pretty much like having strawberry sauce on a Mr Whippy for me.

Whats on your pay day wish list? This list is very affordable – so come pay day (given the time) I’ll definitely be getting these items.


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