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4 things NOT to do when travelling with a baby.

I love the idea of not looking like a complete slob when travelling. Our first family holiday to Malta last year brought some challenges and on leaving the plane I probably looked like the exact person I love to hate. Shame on me.

Learn from my experiences.

1. Do not wear brand new shoes

So in my attempt to be practical, I purchased a pair of basic white trainers for the journey and the holiday. Trainers,what could possibly go wrong, right?

Well, let me tell you. The trainers are fashion trainers and don’t have the padding you may find in running shoes. When you fly, your feet are likely to swell. So, swollen feet in not necessarily padded foot wear is very uncomfortable.

Add the discomfort to a baby that doesn’t want to be put down so you can rummage through your suitcase for flip flops and you have disaster. Cranky mum and cranky baby.

Go for footwear that you have worn before that are probably a little stretched out already.

2. Don’t wear your hair down

It’s not worth it. Yes, the beach waves in your hair are cute and your hair is holiday ready. But planes are limited in space. At home you may have mastered the art of dodging the little ones hands as they head for your locks. But that luxury does not exist on a plane. And if like my son, your child’s grip is strong, then expect to lose some hair and spend unnecessary amounts of time prying individual strands from their grip. Not fun

Put your hair up in a cute messy bun, have a pixie cut, shave it off, just don’t wear it down

3. Do not carry any more than you have to. 

You probably only want to carry a mini version of their nappy bag. That’s it. No luggage, no hats, no duty free shopping (sad I know, unless you can squeeze it in the bag)

There will be a time between entry of the airport and boarding the flight where your child does not see their buggy fit to hold them. They want you to carry them.

Bag on one shoulder (or back pack) and child in other. One hand manoeuvring buggy.

That is all.

5. Don’t expect to look ‘nice’ when you reach your destination

The days of quickly running to the toilet before the plane lands and touching up lip gloss or removing sleep from your eyes are gone. Expect to leave the plane with puke stains on your jeans, salvia on your top, disheveled hair and a scratch or two on your face. If you leave with less than the pre listed then consider yourself lucky.

Note: the baby and I didn’t even travel alone. So this is a shout out to all the mothers or fathers taking on flights with young children by themselves. Also, we have since been on two more holidays and my tips are the same. Maybe I’ll write about the more recent holidays in another post

What tips would you give for successfully travelling with a child? Comment below.



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