Week 24: My Quirks

Another week, another list!

Last week, I was asked to list what makes me laugh. This week the project asks me to list my quirks. When I first read this prompt, I thought I knew what quirks were,  and my mind went wild with things that I thought were my quirks. It was all a bit wild in my mind, so I decided to look up the definition so I didn’t go off track.

A quirk is a peculiar aspect of someones character or behaviour

and for those who may ask:

Peculiar: Different to what is normal or expected

With all the definitions out of the way, let’s get into my list for Monday 12th June – Sunday 18th June 2017 – My Quirks!


Quirk #1

This is a physical quirk: One of my eyes is slightly short-sighted and the other is slightly long-sighted. This isn’t really as uncommon as people my think. It’s essentially lazy eye. The difference between my eyes is slight so I don’t have an outwardly obvious lazy eye.

Quirk #2

When I’m super tired and in bed. I wriggle my toes. Its odd, and only happens when I’m super tired and trying to get to sleep

Quirk #3 

I have 28 teeth. I’m 4 down from a full set. Not because they never grew, but because they were taken out. Growing up I had braces and was told by the dentist that I have a small jaw and if all 32 had stayed, at some point they would have started to overlap. Luckily, I don’t look like I have missing teeth and my the ones I have left are straight and in good condition.

Quirk #4 

I have grey hair. I actually found my first one at 22. It was the same length as the rest of my hair, so had obviously been growing for a while. I’m weirdly unfazed by it (or them). They are few and far between and I very rarely have my hair in styles where you can see them. ANd its something that I picked up from my mum and my mum’s mum, so it sort of makes me feel connected.

Quirk #5 

I close my eyes and make humming noises when I’m in deep thought, concentrating or trying to remember something. People at work have come to accept this – but thought it was pretty odd when they saw me go into my first ‘trance’.

Quirk #6

Probably the reason why I’m here, I love writing lists. I love buying stationary that allows me to write lists. I love keeping a planner/diary and writing lists in it. I love ticking off things on my list of things to do. I love including other people in my list writing. I LOVE LISTS!

What have I learnt about this weeks list: 

Before I go into what I’ve learnt, I’d like to say that I know for sure that I have many many MANY more quirks, but I think I’m probably desensitized from them. They have become so normal to me, that I don’t see them as odd or peculiar. I think I may revisit this list at another time and give it more thought. I seem to have come up with physical quirks, which based on the definition of quirks, are not really quirks – if you know what I mean.

But more generally, I have re-learnt that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and that there is only one me. The quirks make me who I am. No one else can be me, and I can’t be anyone else.


What are your quirks, what weird and wonderful things make you who you are? Comment below and like.

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And, the picture of the bubble has nothing to do with this post – I just thought it was absolutely beautiful. I’ll probably stick to using random images I like with these posts!