Week 25: What makes me laugh

Its been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve just been super busy with life, work and summer socialising. But I’m back!!!

While I was away, I randomly came across The 52 Lists Project while reading a blog post. I can’t for the life of me remember whose blog it was, but I’m grateful that I came across it.

The project is actually a journal for list lovers (me!). It spreads over a period of 52 weeks and challenges you to ‘discover the beauty, joy and creativity within. Having had a quick browse, it looks amazing and when I can I’ll spend a little time meditating on the results for each week. I haven’t bought the journal as I believe there is an online version of the lists that you can follow.

Its obviously not week 1 of 2017, so I’ll jump on where we are in the year. Week 23, is for listing out the things that make you laugh. So here goes with my list for Monday 5th June – Sunday 11th June 2017.


1. My son: Baby Bee

Baby Bee has definitely made me laugh more in the last 14 months than I can remember. Not that I havent laughed because I definitely have (see the next point on my list), but he makes me laugh everyday. Just watching him laugh makes me laugh and he does a lot of it. He is cheeky, super energetic and full of character. He loves to dance and watching him stomp around to some of his favourite songs makes me laugh. His favourite songs at the moment are Burna Boy – Hallelujah and Major Lazer Ft Party Next Door – Run Up. Not bad for a 14 month old right?

2. My husband: Mr Bee

Mr Bee is probably the funniest person I know. For some, his humour may be odd, but I get it and think its hilarious. In our 6 years together I have laughed so much. He makes me laugh when I’m not in the mood to laugh. His views and opinions make me laugh… not because they are comical – but because of the way he expresses himself.

3. My sister’s: Sister Bee #1 & Sister Bee #2

Combined, these two are hilarious. When the three of us together we laugh a lot. We laugh at each other, with each other at other people (we are not mean). We laugh at memories and at our parents. We laugh at the fact that we are laughing. I love laughing with these two. With them I get the cackle type, from the bottom of my stomach, mouth wide open sort of laughter and I absolutely love it.

4. My friends

I have two main circles of friends and both circles have incited much laughter from me. We laugh about our mishaps, life, work, womanhood, relationships, anything and everything. Our whatsapp group chats would probably be a mystery to some people but make perfect and funny sense to us.

My thoughts on Week 23

I think this weeks list can easily be mistaken for ‘list what makes you happy’ and while thinking about my list, there were times where I almost crossed the line and a very thin line it is. But for me, I wrote this list purely on laughter. I’ve never really been a big fan of TV and some of my favourite programmes/films have not been comedies. Jokes make me cringe as do lots of comedians. I think the fact that the list is made up of people I love means that I cherish time and special moments with my loved ones.

I loved writing this and has made me realise that if i want to laugh more,  then I know who to spend time with and where to turn. I’ll definitely be sharing more of my journey on this project.

What makes you laugh? People, things, places? Share in the comments below


Thanks for reading x