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4 things NOT to do when travelling with a baby.

I love the idea of not looking like a complete slob when travelling. Our first family holiday to Malta last year brought some challenges and on leaving the plane I probably looked like the exact person I love to hate. Shame on me. Learn from my experiences. 1. Do not wear brand new shoes So… Continue reading 4 things NOT to do when travelling with a baby.

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Booking a holiday with babies: What to think about

Soooo.... If you read my May Goals, you'll see that I was supposed to have booked our family holiday in May. Its July and I have only just managed to pluck up the courage and commit to an airline & hotel. Every time it came to pressing BOOK, I'd get bouts of anxiety and close… Continue reading Booking a holiday with babies: What to think about

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Monthly Missions: June ’17

People with Goals succeed because they know where they are going Happy June all! Hope May was good to you. We are already month 6 of 2017. I'm not really sure how to write this post, to stop it from being unnecessarily long. I want to tell you about the month I had as well… Continue reading Monthly Missions: June ’17


Things Change: Cancelling my gym membership

Things change. With age, lifestyle, marital status and parenthood. The amount of 'disposable' time I have has changed, so I’m going to cancel my gym membership. This in itself is pretty sad, because when I leave the gym I feel like Beyoncé. Not the one that is currently heavily pregnant with twins, but the one… Continue reading Things Change: Cancelling my gym membership

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Monthly mission: May ’17 

So, it's 00.09, meaning we are 5 days into May and I haven't set my usual monthly goals. Quick side note: There is definitely a trend building up, I seem to write very late at night. This post here proves it.  Anyway, back to the goals. This month is different because I'm sharing my goals… Continue reading Monthly mission: May ’17